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Gwen has been affiliated with the Condominium Industry for several years. 

From 2000 to 2005 she was with Wade Engineering Ltd.; an Engineering Consulting firm specializing in the maintenance, repair and restoration of building envelopes. Wade Engineering was also one of the first engineering firms in Edmonton to conduct Reserve Fund Studies for Condominium Corporations. Gwen progressed from "Reserve Fund Study Assistant" to "Director of Reserve Fund Studies" (2001-2005), and in her last year there served as "Assistant General Manager" to the company.

In 2005 Gwen joined the Condominium Accreditation Program (CAP) where she researched and consulted with Industry Stakeholders to determine acceptable standards for Condominium Management and to develop related instructional materials, processes and templates for use by staff, Condominium Boards, Owners & other Industry Stakeholders. 

Gwen's past experience as a Registered I.C.U. Nurse has been instrumental in shaping her unique review and assessment Condominium Corporations and the related Management Plan. Her once-in-lifetime opportunity to be one of two nurses responsible for setting up and opening the Intensive Care and Recovery Room Units of the Seven Oaks Hospital in Winnipeg prepared her well for her various management positions.

Gwen dissolved her partnership at CAP and formed Revington Condominium Management & Consulting Inc. in March 2009.  In July 2013, after the sale of the office building in which Revington was located, Gwen decided to scale back and is now working from her home with occasional part-time assistance from previous full-time employees.

Gwen is a long-time member, guest speaker and past Director of the Canadian Condominium Institute - Northern Alberta Chapter.